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Professional Grade VS Consumer Grade Hair Dryer


Professional vs. Consumer Hair Dryers.

Five reasons why you might want to buy.

 We all want beautiful, soft, naturally shiny hair. 

Lord knows we spend a fortune on organic conditioners; nutrient enriched shampoo and the Bi monthly trips to the salon but is the hardware section of the beauty range being overlooked?
We are of course talking about hair dryers, is the Salon grade, all singing £200 plus model any different from the£10 - £20 model that was on special in the Argos catalogue?

Does skimping on the Hair Dryer really make any difference to the look and health of your hair? Or is it just the vanity of owning the same unit that your local salon does?


Here are five things to consider before breaking the bank or just opting for the best bargain.


Quality of construction - As with most purchases (certainly not all) you get what you pay for. Generally a Professional grade hair dryer will be built using higher quality parts and come with more of a guarantee.

Design – Aside from looking like an Italian sports car, a hair dryer’s design will have a great impact on usability and performance. A pedigree, salon tested model will have the benefit of testing in a high use environment. Hopefully the manufacturer would listen to feedback and improve their design over multiple versions. It is surprising how much difference making the power cable two feet longer could affect the ease of use.

Materials – Once again, higher grade equals better materials. If your hairdryer has low quality motor parts or the plastic casing is not greatly heat resistant the decline in performance will be reduced over time.

Power + heat = speed – In a salon environment time is money and the investment of hair dryer that reduces your blow drying time by five minutes would pay for its self in a very short time. If you want great results in a shorter time Then perhaps a Professional Hair Dryer is for you.

Durability – Lastly, A professional hair dryer will blow dry hundreds of heads thousands of times in its lifetime. This means that it needs to be built to a high standard. As a personal use unit it could well out last many cheaper but short-lived models. So if you are a serial home stylist, it could well be worth the investment.



At the end of the day, if you are the type of person, who just needs dry hair on a cold day or to get the kids ready from bath to bed, a good standard model hair dryer is probably for you but if you are looking at the best results in the fastest time, then perhaps loosening the purse strings and going all out is for you.

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